Denise Tanton

As the Community Manager, I have the most awesome job in the entire world. I get to ...   see full bio

Denise Tanton

As the Community Manager, I have the most awesome job in the entire world.

I get to wander around the internets and read YOUR blog and talk to you all day on Chatter, Twitter and Facebook. I answer a lot of email, too. (You can always reach me at if you have BlogHer related questions, though asking on Chatter is often a wee bit quicker.)
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My partner and I live in the Chicagoland suburbs (which is not the most awesome place in the world to live) with three four three two one of our six kids. (The other five are all grown up and living on their own.) My grandson, Johnny Mac Pippin, was born on May 15th and lives in Hawaii, which is too darn far away. My partner's mom (and her little dog too) lives with us as well.
We have a very loud cockatiel who we're hoping will move out when the middle child goes to college, a Treeing Walker Coonhound/Poodle mix puppy, a Coonhound/Weimareiner puppy and a Redbone/Collie puppe. Yes, three puppies. And, we have three two three prairie dogs. Yes, prairie dogs. You can follow their exploits at Prairie Dog Digest.
I read a lot, but not as much as my partner does, and the only TV I watch is Survivor. Now if Buffy or Gilmore Girls returned to TV....
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LorraineAkemann It is indeed! :-)  Denisemore

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I've put it on my list for next year. He's a little young right now! - Denisemore

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