Karen Sandoval CZT

Karen Sandoval, CZT

Hello from the suburbs of Milwaukee. I am a Certifed Zentangle Teacher, class 17.  My ...   see full bio

Karen Sandoval, CZT

Hello from the suburbs of Milwaukee. 

I am a Certifed Zentangle Teacher, class 17.  My hobbies include tangling, and trying new things. I'm also a floral Marco photographer. 

I like to read, write,  and I am helplessly addicted to late night shopping. Art supplies are my current weakness.

 In the last few years I've been on some pretty amazing trips around the world. And looking forward to more this year. 

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Groovebook: A Groovy Little App

I'm an avid Shark Tank viewer, and a few weeks ago, there was a couple on the show tryng to get help launching their app called Groovebook. Before their segment was over on Shark Tank, I had downloaded the app and signed up....more

EOA: Day Three With Tramadol

Does it work? So far so good.The morning stiffness was not there, and tapping the keys is not hurting much. Woot!Do you have Erosive Inflammatory Arthritis? Don't dork around, go see a rheumatologist. As anti drug and alcohol as I am, it was sheer nonsense on my part to not pursue a lessened pain lifestyle before 2014. Drugs aren't my enemy. They've been keeping my seratonin levels equalized for the last 15 years....more

Don't Pick At It, It Will Bleed

The scab, it's starting to heal,  finally at that point where  you can just about pick it off, so you work at it, you worry it with your fingertip until it starts bleeding again. So what if you have a scab on your heart and every time it starts to heal and get a little itchy, you worry it, then it bleeds.Don't look for things you don't want to find. Because armed with the truth where will you go?Will you look for a bandaid or a tourniquet? ~Karen Lynn...more

Photography: Taking a 233.00 Risk

I'm nervous. I ordered a HUGE canvas of one of my photos. An abstract of bee balm. I got a great discount because I used the code: RADIO, so it could have cost more. It is shipping free too. This should be my moment. The moment I've been waiting for. Recognition. Appreciation....more
elaineR.N. I sure hope so, when it's blown up! thanks so much :)more

Seniors and Social Media

Last night, my brother sent me a message on Facebook saying he had no phone service, no way to get out an email, he's in the Dominican Republic, and our dad's factory's roof was on fire.  Call Mom now, call his wife now! How did he know? The daughter of one of my dad's retired employees posted on Facebook "Someone update me on the fire on Maple Avenue". So then ensued a fruitless and frantic hour of phone dialing, unanswered calls and fear.How do you assure your senior parents that social media is not a big hairy monster? ...more
No answers for you here.  I, though not a senior, have struggles with social media.  I don't ...more

Are You Interested In Zentangle? Here’s How To Get Started

So many of you have asked me, what do I need to get started with Zentangle. I'm not a CZT (certified Zentangle teacher) but here is my space, and everything you need to know to get started.  http://www.karenlsandoval.com/are-you-interested-in-zentangle-heres-how-to-get-started/...more
Karen Ballum Thanks Karen :)more

Read This, Then Dig (If you can)

It's Saturday morning, November 2nd, 2013. How is it possible that just with the turn of the month, the leaves that are still hanging on the trees have turned from brilliant shades of red yellow and orange to ugly brown? And the weather has changed too. It's definitely November in Wisconsin....more

The Dog And The Cuckoo Clock

When we were in Europe this summer on our Rhine River cruise, our first tour in Germany was in the Black Forrest. It was also one of my favorite places that we visited. And one of the only places that we actually got a little time to shop. Guess what we bought? A cuckoo clock! Along with some other handmade German things like a dentist Nutcracker (why did I capitalize that I HATE nutcrackers) that I turn around every time I go to work because he scares me. I'd rather see his butt than his teeth....more

Stepmonsters The Book: A Review and A Ramble

Just the title of the book conjures up all kinds of evil thoughts doesn't it? But, if you are a step-parent, this is the most reassuring book you will ever lay your hands on. ...more

Vacationing with Friends- Part 2

Ok quickly, before I pull out the pens and start tangling, here is part duex. And a list of what I did so I remember to tell Michael.Ordered lampswashed all the rugsput the dogs back in diapersemptied dishwasherstarted dinner blogged twice (now thrice!) (including editing because WP and BH don't play nice together) Balloon Fiesta...more