Karen Ballum

Karen Ballum

Hi, I'm Karen Ballum. You might know me as Sassymonkey. ...   see full bio

Karen Ballum

Hi, I'm Karen Ballum. You might know me as Sassymonkey.

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Why Content Curation Is Important for Community Building

Content curation is a vital part of community building. Whether we consciously realize it or not, with every piece of content we share we are building and expanding our online community. When we practice content curation, we are showing the world who we are, what we care about, and what we think others should care about. ...more
I tried this.  It backfired on me.  Now everyone follows me on FB & Twitter for the great (other ...more

5 Extra Things to Pack for #BlogHerFood15

#BlogHerFood15 is almost here and I'm starting to think about what to pack. While I pack pretty much everything mentioned in the conference guide, here are a few extra things I'll be tossing in my suitcase. ...more
I love the power strip suggestion.more

Why You Should Go to #BlogHerFood15 (Even If You're Not a Food Blogger)

In ten years of attending conferences and social media events, I can honestly say BlogHer Food conferences are my favorite—I think everyone should attend one. That doesn't seem like a radical statement, as I am both attending and speaking at #BlogHerFood15, except perhaps for this—I am not a food blogger. Nor do I intend on becoming one. ...more
This event looks amazing!more

6 Non-Essentials to Pack That Will Make #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us More Awesome

We are just days away from #BlogHer15:Experts Among Us and I am starting to make my packing list. We've shared some posts on what people are packing and wearing and how to stay healthy at the conference. I know that you don't need to be told to bring your phone (remember your charger!) or your must-have electronics....more
Padded wine bags! Brilliant!more

Get Inspired to KonMari Your Home with the Life-Changing Magic of YouTube

If they gave out report cards for housekeeping, I would not get an A in organization. I love organization in principle but I find attempts to do it completely overwhelming. If you add in that my brain tends to remember where objects are in relation to other objects, moving and reorganizing all the things puts me on the fast track to having a meltdown. But I keep trying. So when I started seeing Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up appearing frequently in my social media streams, I decided I really needed to check out the whole KonMari method. ...more
texasebeth Get to reading! Or listen to it on audio. That works too. :)more

Why I Ask Lots of Questions And Think You Should, Too

Have you ever had a group email come in and know someone is going to have a question? And then five minutes later BOOM! There's that question. Hi! That's me. I ask a lot of questions and I think you should, too. ...more
I'm so glad that experience didn't stop you from asking questions in the future! - Denisemore

Say Cheers On World Gin Day With These 10 Gin Cocktail Recipes

World Gin Day is almost upon us and I couldn't be more happy about it. There was a time when I didn't like gin but that is well in the past. Nothing quite says summer to me like a cold gin and and tonic on a hot summer day. Gin and tonic was the first gin cocktail I really loved, but I'm trying to branch out. Here are 10 gin recipes that I would be thrilled to toast with on World Gin Day. Cheers! The Gin Daisy...more
Tangueray n' Tonic, please!more

Wow Guests With the 'In' Dessert This Spring: 14 Easy Pavlova Recipes

Pavlova recipes starting popping up in my social media feeds this spring. That made sense: These meringue cakes are light and fluffy on the inside, but crispy on the outside, and they are often topped with fruit. Then, more photos filtered in, as people started making pavlovas the star of their birthday celebrations. I decided it was time for me to get in on the pavlova action—and you can, too! Here are 14 pavlova recipes you can make. They look fancy, but they're actually really easy to master!...more
WOW! Each one looks better than the last.more

10 Books to Read This Spring

When it comes to selecting reading material, sometimes I feel like I suffer from an abundance of riches. There is just so much choice. There are so many wonderful books being published all the time. When I feel like this, I turn to my friends for their book suggestions. ...more
blissfulpages Thanks!more

5 Key Facebook Insights Metrics All Bloggers Should Look At

If you are a blogger who has a Facebook Page for your blog, chances are you've looked at Facebook Insights. Facebook provides fabulous metrics to users, with LOTS of data. The reports can be overwhelming, but once you figure out what metrics you want to track, you'll fall in love with these reports. I'm here to help you with that....more