Unattainable Reflections: Teen Girls Pursuing the Thigh Gap

Unattainable Reflections: Teen Girls Pursuing the Thigh Gap

Teen girls have always been on the quest to be "thin enough." Their fixation often stems from celebrities on screen and in magazines, still unaware that Photoshop is an all powerful tool of fixing just about anything. Right now, an alarming trend of lusting after the "thigh gap" has overtaken our young ladies. Just bop along the Internet for long enough and you'll find images celebrating thighs that don't touch. Deborah Cruz at The TRUTH About Motherhood wrote about the alarming trend in frank terms recently.

She shares her fears and her truth:

Teen girls these days want the thigh gap as a status symbol; like wearing designer clothing. If you have a thigh gap, you are perceived as having not only the perfect body but the perfectly unattainable body. You are like a fucking unicorn. It’s like having perfect C-cup boobs that will never sag or being born with no body hair except for eyebrows and the hair on your head. It is not natural and it is a fucking figment of your imagination.

I saw this segment and I thought to myself, I hope my daughters never look in the mirror and judge the worth of who they are based on a gap between their legs because we are more than what is or isn’t between our legs. Isn't that what I've been trying to teach them since they were born? Then just as quickly, I caught myself looking in the mirror at myself longing for the place where my thigh gap once was, where now my thighs kiss and I was filled with shame.

Credit: malakhkelvera.

I encourage you to finish reading her whole post and then have a discussion with teen girls in your lives. We need to be telling them that they are more than the image in the mirror, more than a lack of touching thighs, more than a number. Educate yourself a little on how thinspiration exists on the web, and where it's no longer allowed; take a look at what they're sharing online. Make sure teen girls in your life hear something positive today, okay?


Family/Moms & Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog.

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