There are two new books hot off the press. The are awesome reads. You can get them on and Kindle. You are going to LOVE these books. The sequels are coming for both books. Here is a teaser about each book.

Lost and Found Forver

Chase Donaldson is on his way to propose to the love of his life, Asher Germaine, when a thirty

second news bulletin changes his life forever. The family business is severely compromised when

his father, Chad Donaldson, is killed in a car accident in the company of a woman from the

Russian Embassy. Donaldson Industries and the Donaldson family are rocked by the scandal.

Donaldson Industries’ biggest clients are the government and the military. Within 24 hours of

Chad Donaldson’s death, Donaldson Industries undergoes an audit to be sure no top secret fi les

have been passed on to non-friendly countries being under constant scrutiny and surveillance

for almost a year. By the time the government clears Donaldson Industries, Asher Germaine has

moved on with her life and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, after passing the California bar exam.

Asher is introduced to and begins dating Michael Granger the most eligible bachelor in Arizona.

Life is good again that is until Chase Donaldson fi nally fi nds her and expands his huge computer

company to the Phoenix market to be near her and win her love back. Unbeknownst to Asher,

Michael has a past and a sexy vixen in his offi ce who will do anything to lure Michael into her

sexual web.

Donaldson Industries hires Asher Germaine’s law fi rm to handle all their legal matters and fate

brings them face to face. To help Asher admit she still has feelings for him, Chase has help from

his cousin, Alisha Morgan, Hollywood’s reigning movie star. Chase pulls out all the stops to win

Asher back and prove to her that he is the only man for her. Michael Granger does everything he

can to have both his cake and eat it too.

Asher fi nds herself in the middle of a CIA sting, a strong shoulder to lean on, an engagement, the

Academy Awards, a break-up, a threat to a loved one which results in a high-rise fi re that proves

to be arson, and a life hanging on by a thread. Fate leads Asher to…


On the Wings of Angels Forever

Katie was a child genius who became the most sought after renowned Neurosurgeon in the world.

On her way home after a grueling surgery on a young boy she performed, she is hit by a wrong

way drunk driver and dies shortly after undergoing surgery for her injuries. She goes to Heaven,

meets God who immediately elevates her to an Angel and is sent back to Earth with one of God’s

Archangels. The President of the United States is kidnapped and tortured by the largest drug

Cartel in South America in an effort to get the United States to swap the Godfather of the Cartel

who is arrested at his sister’s wedding in the United States.

Katie’s parents are devastated by the loss of their only child. Her father, Ben, is on the Black Ops

team that is sent to rescue the President. While trying to be strong for his wife, Annie, Ben also

has to be focused for what lays ahead for him and his team undertaking a mission that could

cost them all their lives.

Threats are made and carried out which puts the entire country into a panic. Ultimatums are given

by both sides, warships are sent, a battle ensues with Stealth bombers and gunships which

results in a devastating injury. Is the United States brought to its knees by the decisions made

by both sides....



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