8 TV Shows that Led the Mother-Hating Trend of 2013

8 TV Shows that Led the Mother-Hating Trend of 2013

After taking a look at television trends from 2013, I'm paging Dr. Freud. Television, you might want to call your therapist and book a few sessions to talk about your mommy issues. We don't need a show called How I Hate Your Mother, because the message comes through loud and clear.

Motherhood was drawn through the mud this year. It isn't a new trope to portray mothers as the symbolic vessel of all of our wrongs, and as the ultimate victim and the responsible abuser at the same time, but 2013 plotlines were particularly brutal. Take a look at these examples, and then tell me what trends you saw.


Lady Stark
Image: HBO

The infamous Red Wedding episode really had it in for the moms in this series. Avenging mother Lady Stark who first notices their family has been trapped, but she notices too late. Pregnant Talisa is stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen, the ultimate image of revenge against mothers. Even though injured, Lady Stark attempts some cutthroat negotiations for her son's freedom to no avail, and the losses get bloodier. First she watches in horror as her precious first born is murdered, with his last word being "Mother." Then she loses those cutthroat negotiations.


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