TUTORIAL: Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone

TUTORIAL: Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone


AE/AF Lock

Image: Tamara Bowman

When I touch on different areas of my phone's screen, the camera will meter the scene to determine the needed exposure. If I touch a bright area, the image becomes darker. If I touch a dark area, the image becomes brighter. Did you know you can lock the focus and exposure of your photo by pressing and holding a spot on the image? The little square will pulsate, and then an AE/AF lock indicator will appear on the screen. You can release when the pulsating stops and now the exposure and focus settings are LOCKED until you touch the screen again. The AE/AF locks allow you to manually pick one spot on your frame from which the phone's camera will take its exposure settings, and you can pick another part spot to specify which part of the photo will be the focus. If you are photographing a close up of a face, focus on the eyes!


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