TUTORIAL: Seven Settings You Need to Know on Your Point-and-Shoot Camera

TUTORIAL: Seven Settings You Need to Know on Your Point-and-Shoot Camera

Do you have a point-and-shoot camera that isn’t taking the kinds of pictures you want? Are you stuck shooting in your camera’s out-of-the-box settings, too afraid or too busy to learn how to do anything else?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading. There is hope, yet, with your point-and-shoot. Yes, without having to spend hundreds or even thousands more on a new DSLR camera, you can take amazing pictures with your camera.


Image: Jessica Hinton

“How do I do that?” you ask. Well, with a point-and-shoot camera, as with any other camera, the key, really, is learning how to use your camera to maximize its strengths and downplay its weakness. From capturing better light to getting better close ups, in this post I’m sharing the information you need to use your camera’s settings to take amazing pictures. So, if you’re ready to start shooting great shots, check out these seven tips. (Note: The point-and-shoot camera used in this post is a Panasonic Lumix.)


Tip 1

Image: Jessica Hinton

Capture movement by shooting in continuous shooting mode. Hands down, the continuous shooting mode (sometimes called “Burst Mode") is the first setting you should change if you’re taking pictures of anything that moves, i.e. kids, fireworks, pets, etc. You can find it in your camera’s menu. When shooting in this mode, you will be able to take multiple frames of a scene and will, thus, be able to capture more movement with less blur. When shooting in your camera’s Sport, Pet, or Baby mode, it’s this setting that is allowing you to take pictures in rapid succession.

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