How to Do Awesome Potato Stamping in 7 Easy Steps

How to Do Awesome Potato Stamping in 7 Easy Steps

This week, I went on a potato stamping bender. I know some people go nuts with illicit drugs; I go crazy with an economy-size sack of spuds and neon craft paint. We all have our own vices … but I digress.

potato stamping collage

I had always thought of potato stamping as a craft for kids, something my daughter would bring home from preschool. Once I got the hang of things, I realized potato stamps have all kinds of fun potential. Lemme tell you what I learned.

1. Rubber vs. Russets

I have tried rubber stamp carving, and it was hard. Carving on a potato was easy and forgiving—not to mention a lot cheaper. If you mess up your potato, you can just cut a cross-section off and start again. A bag of potatoes is three bucks, and you already have knives. A Speedball rubber block and carving tools is a chunk out of a paycheck.

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