Try These Easy Tips For Getting Through Deadly Monday

Try These Easy Tips For Getting Through Deadly Monday

The fear of Monday is universal. Everyone hates the idea of Monday and no one wants to let go of Sunday evening. It is true, for almost everyone. But there are some simple ways of getting through Monday without feeling down and hampered. 


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Some of the best ways to get through deadly Monday are:

  • Try to create the list of things which you need to prioritize on Monday. It will help you with your mindset for the next morning, and it will also give you the head start for the next day. Do not push for yourself for all the big tasks because you have whole week to complete those. Begin with the small tasks which gives you the feeling of accomplishment.
  • Plan a very nice breakfast for Monday morning. It will not only give you a reason to smile in the morning but it will also give you the boost which is required on Monday morning. Try to create your favorite-yet-easy breakfast. Grab-a-coffee-on-the-go is not good for Monday. Hit your sack early on Sunday so that you are well rested.
  • Get up a little early on Monday morning and go for a walk. It will help you feel refreshed. If you do not like to go for walks, try to mediate. This will help in composing your mind. Mediation is also good for health.
  • Plan something exiting with your friends/family for the coming weekend. This will help you get through the week, because you will have something to look forward to as the days pass. Focus on the activities you will do in the coming weekend and how many people you will meet.
  • For Monday night, create some simple recipes for dinner. Just get home, watch some TV and relax. Cooking on Monday evening is actually not a very good idea if you hate Monday. This will make you hate it more. Try to cook something which is one pot or perhaps has limited ingredients. Cook the dishes which do not require any side dishes. Just go easy throughout the day.
  • Call someone who is very close to you. Talking to our loved ones, either family or friends, helps us feel good. Share your day and ask about theirs. Tell them how much you love them and make them feel good.

We hope the readers of this article will accommodate some of the above given suggestions in their Monday morning schedules and see the difference.

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