Tortillas mexicanas

Tortillas mexicanas

Tortillas mexicanas


When we have done the Mexican homemade tortillas , We can fill them what we wantmy mother usually make two types of fillingwith meat and chicken.

The filling of minced meat:

  • 500 gpork
  • 500 gveal
  • it
  • to
  • onion
  • species to tastepepperitcuminetc.
  • lemon
  • olive oil

Mix the two types of meat in a bowlseason it with spices that we likeadd a squeeze of lemon and chopped garlic and onion cut very thinLeave in the bowl,some 24 timecovered with a cloth and put in the fridgeIn this way the meat gets a lot of flavor.

Fry the meat in hot olive oiluntil it is well done.


Of the relleno chicken the bird

  • chicken breast (ENTER breasts)
  • spices
  • Chorrito vino blanco
  • lemon
  • olive oil
  • green pepper
  • red tomatoes

We wash the chickenand cut not too big studswe add salt and pepper and spices we gusto.Cortamos green pepper and red small pieces and add itLet stand to take the taste in the fridgeduring 24 hours.

Fry the chicken in a pan with olive oilwhen we are doradito we add a glass of white wine and let reduceWe can add a bit of grated tomatoso that the chicken does not stay so dry.

These two fills are very easy to make and match with different species.

We can fill our tortillas with meat,  salad, tomatoessliced ‚Äč‚Äčolivesetc.go to the limit is our imagination.

H hope you enjoy it



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