Top 6 Odd Holiday Gifts

Top 6 Odd Holiday Gifts

The other day I got a Hammacher Schlemmer Last Minute Gift 2013 catalog in the mail. As I perused the catalog with great amusement, I was struck with all the neat items they sell, like a fold-away pool table for small spaces or a cassette-to-CD converter (which I would love!). Admittedly, looking through this catalog or even the Sky Mall catalog can be fun. 

I remember when the Snuggie came out. I was convinced that it would fail, because who would by a blanket that looked like a robe being put on backward? Obviously, my assumption was wrong. With that in mind, an idea occurred to me. Why go with a normal gift this year? Why give typical gifts for the holiday, like CDs, DVDs, gift cards or something for a collection? Why not give something unusual or unique? Something the person never knew they needed?  So, after much thought and research, I have created a list of the Top 6 Odd Holiday Gifts for 2013.

I must preface this list by saying (1) it is all in fun and (2) I am in no way endorsing or promoting these products.


Top 6 Odd Holiday Gifts for 2013




power nap pillow


1. The Power Nap Head Pillow ($99.95) Now, you can look like an alien and sleep at the same time. 






2. Spinning Spaghetti Forks ($29.95) To help your little ones eat spaghetti, now they can use this motorized fork and splash sauce on themselves (and likely you, too) even faster than normal. 





3. Interactive Plush Monkey ($39.99) Do you get bored easily when on the speaker phone? Now you can pretend the person you are talking to is a monkey. This might work for phone conversations with in-laws. ;) 





4. Bacon Pillow ($19.95) Nothing says style and class like a bacon pillow. Mmmm ... bacon!






5. Groundhog Day Hat ($68.85, pack of 4) Call me crazy, but I swoon when I see a man in this hat (more out of shock that he would buy such a thing). 






6. Men's Faux Tattoo Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($39.95) Nothing says "studly" or "sexy" like this t-shirt. Literally, NOTHING! This t-shirt lets me know that it is either Halloween or the man wearing it needs help making fashion decisions.


Please note that all photos came from the companies which sell the products. They are not my images.

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