Top 20 Reasons We're Grateful for Food Allergies

Top 20 Reasons We're Grateful for Food Allergies

16. Perspective. Some kids love peanut butter. Some of us love peanut butter too! You know what, though? It's not going to kill us not to have it right this minute. We're really just happy to be here, alive and healthy and everything. You won't often find us sweating the small stuff.

17. Ever-present knowledge that food does not equal fun. Playing sports, learning an instrument, telling jokes, art projects, road trips, friends, dancing, water balloons, flower gardens, reading books, gathering worms, science experiments, balancing contests, blowing bubbles, spelling bees, bouncy houses, sidewalk chalk, volunteering at animal shelters, writing letters and so much more -- all fun. No food required.

18. We know the meaning of treat. A once a month slice of egg-free lemon blueberry cake or an egg-free, nut-free, dairy-free Choco-lot Brownie Cookie gets savored way more than a once a day Oreo.

19. Scientific contribution. One of these days, thanks to the participation of the many food allergy sufferers who are enrolled currently in clinical trials, we're going to figure out precisely why food allergies are skyrocketing and what can be done. In the end, our condition and cooperation might just lead to a safer food supply for all of us.

20. Empathy. Families with food allergies are painstakingly aware that we don't truly know anyone else's unique story but our own. In spite of, or perhaps because of it, we feel deeply for each and every other health and parenting struggle we witness. We won't jump to conclusions or cast judgment because we know all too well that that life doesn't always turn out like we expected and we're all in this together.

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