Top 10 creative doll clothes patterns available online for your 18 inch dolls

Top 10 creative doll clothes patterns available online for your 18 inch dolls

If your little one has 18 inch dolls, there is nothing more pleasurable than sewing your own doll outfits. Thankfully, there are many creative doll clothes patterns that you can make use of. The Internet is a treasure trove for these patterns. With the right patterns, you can make your dolls look stylish and trendy; and you definitely will enjoy dressing them up in a wide array of outfits. Glitz and glamour is also a part of doll fashion wear. You also can use creative doll clothes patterns to teach your little girl several things, such as colors, shapes, color coordination and counting.


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1. Wedding dress

Every 18 inch doll should have a wedding dress. You can easily take a pattern from one of the renowned designers, such as Dolce Gabbana or Versace and recreate a miniature version of the dress. And, when you accessorize the dress with jewelry and flowers, your child’s 18 inch doll is all ready to exchange vows with her beau! You can get your little angel to dress up the doll in the wedding dress and hold a mock wedding with her friends and their dolls.


2. Swimsuit

Come summer, you will be spending a lot of time in or around your swimming pool. This is the perfect time to dress up an 18 inch doll in a sexy swimsuit. You can pick a pattern online and stitch the swimsuit at home. You can make a bikini, monokini or anything you think is appropriate for your 18 inch doll. At least, that way your doll will be with you when you are frolicking and cooling off.


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3. Frocks in floral prints

Floral prints are attractive and can be worn by young and old. You can make matching frocks for your daughter and her doll. Pick a light, summery floral print and design the same outfit for your daughter and her 18 inch doll. Imagine if you were to do this for your little one, how cute she would look holding a doll that is dressed just like her? You can help your angel choose the right accessories to match the floral frocks, so that she learns about coordinating colors and mixing and matching. Use this outfit for dolls of all sizes and make the crying and blinking dolls get a new personality.


4. Evening Gown

Your 18 inch doll needs a delicate and gorgeous evening gown. You can pick a design of known designers, such as Chanel. Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren, and make a mini creation that you can dress your doll in. The next time you have a formal party at home, you will be able to bring in your doll with pride! Make sure you have the right accessories, like high-heel shoes and tiaras, to match the doll’s outfit.


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5. Office wear

If you dress up every day for work, why can’t your daughter’s 18 inch doll also dress up for office? Sedate outfits, such as pants and blouses, plaid skirts and blouses and A-line knee-length dresses are what you should be looking to stitch for your daughter’s doll. Get your little girl to help you and in the meanwhile teach her how to dress for every occasion in life.


6. Party wear

A black backless dress, glitzy mini frock, colorful shoes are part of party wear. You can spend hours playing dress up in the company of your little angel and transform her 18 inch doll into a party animal! These creative doll clothes patterns are easy to sew even if they look complicated. Once you finish sewing and dressing up the doll, invite your daughter’s friends and their dolls for a tea party!


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7. Baby Doll Tops

Make feminine and pretty baby doll tops for your angel’s doll with the help of delicate fabrics, such as chiffon, silk and lace. You also can use translucent cotton voile. Usually, such an outfit has an empire waistline that you can clinch with the help of a ribbon belt. Alternatively, you can let the baby doll top hang loosely.


8. Cigarette-Jeans

Just like you enjoy wearing tight-legged jeans, you also can make tight-legged jeans for your daughter’s 18 inch doll. Combine it with a tunic top and finish the outfit with ballet slippers. You will be amazed at how great these doll clothes patterns looks.


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9. Hoodies

Sew a knee-length hoodie dress for your doll. This outfit is great for winter months, when your doll needs all the protection it can get from the cold. Alternatively, you can make a standard hoodie and pair it up with cigarette jeans to give your doll a trendy and modern look. Hoodies are great for all types of American Girl or Barbie dolls.


10. Lace-Dress

If you want to take your doll to a special occasion, you want her looking her best. Create a lace dress from sheer fabric and embroider the hemline to weigh the fabric down. Add lining of contrasting color and your doll will be ready to walk the ramp! You can try this outfit on any American Girl doll and transform her looks.


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