How to Feed a Toddler: A Day of Healthy, Tasty Meals

How to Feed a Toddler: A Day of Healthy, Tasty Meals

Happy Wednesday!

Hope your week is going well, we've been enjoying plenty of sunshine and deck time! Sofia will stay out there until it's bedtime, which has been great, cooking dinner is 100 times easier when she's occupied.

These mini meals posts have become one of my favorite things, random meals are always on the menu, so it's fun to share with you all. I also love your suggestions, we've incorporated quite a few of them into our rotation. It's easy to get stuck in a rut or constantly throw nuggets in the oven, especially when there's a stage five clinger on your leg. So, thank you all for sharing what works for you.


toddler meals

Flax Plus Oatmeal with a little agave nectar stirred in and fresh fruit on top. Sofia inhales this stuff.


toddler meals

Ahh, this chubby little mini hand gets me every time! She yanked up skillet chicken (seasoned with garlic powder, salt and pepper and cooked in olive oil) and green beans. She is FINALLY eating greens but they can only be these soul food beans. There's also a side of mixed melon.


toddler meals

Dried cherries, hands down her most favorite snack ever! For a little morning 'nack, I mix these with Cheerios, and in the afternoon, mix them with mini rice cakes, baby Goldfish or apple straws.


toddler meals

Pasta salad mixed with ranch, cheddar cubes, broccoli, shredded carrots and Cajun baked chicken and a side of raspberries and clementines--our go-to fruit combo!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, filled with lots of fun in the sun!

We plan on spending as much time as possible outdoors--deck chillin', wagon rides and lots of family time.

toddler closeup

 The cutest Black + White Knotted Bow c/o Sweet Angel Kreations. Mama's with little girls, you'll love this shop! :)

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