Tips for Surviving a Sick Day

Tips for Surviving a Sick Day

Since it's Flumageddon Year in addition to all of the normal colds, stomach virii and general sicknesses that make their way around elementary schools, chances are that your kiddo will be home sick at least once this winter. (And if not, man, kudos to you.) On top of already feeling bad for your poor little sickling, it can throw a real wrench into your schedule when your child has to stay home. The Harried Mom recently experienced her Kindergarten son's first sick day and shared a list of things they did to keep busy and resting. It's a good list!

She explains what she doesn't want their day to look like:

But now what do I do with my son all day?

My boy is 5 ½ and this is his first sick day from kindergarten. I want to make this day easy for him and who am I joking, myself too! What I don’t want it to turn into is a cartoon marathon of “Spongebob Squarepants”…so I’m limiting how much TV he can watch today. I’ve come up with a few activities that will keep us both entertained throughout the day. The key here is that these things can be done IN BED or at least lying down, so he’s not up and running around and able to take it easy.

Napping – He’s doing it right now, or else how could I be writing this?! A few short restful naps during the day will keep him quiet and mom can get some work done!

Sick Day
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