Time To Show Your Support Vampire Academy Fans!

Time To Show Your Support Vampire Academy Fans!

Time To Show Support Vampire Academy Fans



First I want to start off by saying that the Vampire Academy Family has done a great job of raising over $150,000 for the IndieGoGo campaign to revive the franchise and make Frostbite a reality. I know that some people have said that it is looking bleak and comparing it to other campaigns (mostly Kickstarter campaigns where you can pledge a certain amount and not be charged until the end of the campaign whereas IndieGoGo charges you right away with a refund coming your way if the campaign isn’t funded) which isn’t fair to compare it to other campaigns. Don’t be discouraged by people talking about how Veronica Mars earned $2 million in like one day, that was something that Veronica Mars fans have been waiting many years for and they were given a lot of notice to start saving up money…plus it was a Kickstarter, so you were able to add to your pledge as the month went by without being charged. That is not to say that the producers have chosen the wrong path because IndieGoGo is still a great avenue to kickstart a campaign.   


You guys have done a great job of trying to drum up support from all avenues and what is plaguing this campaign, in my opinion, is that for one there are certain fans out there that aren’t hesitant about a Frostbite movie because they weren’t happy with the first film (which is understandable, not every single fan is going to like a book to film adaptation and you blame the studio for that mess!) and the second thing that is plaguing the campaign is the fact that they aren’t getting any media support! Yes the campaign has been talked about on Yahoo! and Page To Premiere but where the heck is E! News, Entertainment Weekly, PeopleMag and other entertainment outlets. The Veronica Mars campaign was consistently talked about on different media outlets but nothing on Vampire Academy which is not only trying to get a sequel made but also trying to revive a franchise. This is the first time that producers have ever tried to revive a franchise with a crowd funding campaign, so why is the media not talking about it. I get that the critics didn’t like the first film and basically judged it as a clone of Twilight meets Mean Girls but at least take a moment to write up even one little article about the campaign because that gets people that were fans of the first film to see it and maybe contribute to it (not everyone has liked the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages so they have no way of knowing about the campaign without media coverage). So I recommend that the fans take charge and go on Twitter tweet out the information on the campaign with the link to the campaign. The big 3 are Entertainment Weekly (@EW) E!News (@enews) and People Magazine (@peoplemag) Be nice when writing to them but be consistent, let them know that you guys are not going to stop until they write something up about the campaign. Remember to constantly add the link to the IndieGoGo campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/frostbite-a-vampire-academy-film/x/8361821 The media is underestimating the fans of Vampire Academy because they haven’t made a million yet but you guys should be proud of the $150,000 that you have made so far without the help of the media, but now it is time that they start talking about it. 


Next up I want to talk with the fans that are hesitant about contributing to the campaign because they were disappointed with the first film. I completely understand where you are coming from and I get why you would be nervous. You felt that the studio completely ruined the first film by giving it a Mean Girls feel to it when in fact, the books are much more then just High School drama. With the original screenplay I feel that they did actually capture it but then the studio got involved and they messed with it, wanting to just appeal to a young audience and not taking in the fact that the Vampire Academy fans are intelligent people that wanted to see a truer form of the book. Now you are probably shaking your head Yes and saying, ‘How are we supposed to trust that they won’t do that again?’ and the answer to that is simple, the second film is YOUR FILM! You have funded to the film and you now have a voice in the whole thing. You can tell them what you would like to see in the different characters, heck you can even throw in who you picture as playing the other characters. This is a fan funded film, the producers have seen what you had to say and want to make it up to you by giving you the film that you want, not the film that the studio heads were thinking you wanted. They want YOUR feedback, support and love for this sequel. I get that not everyone can donate $100+ but even giving over $5 is something to the campaign and you’d be able to still contribute what you would like to see in the film. I understand that you guys are nervous but really trust them this time around, they are trying to give you guys the film that you want to see. The producers didn’t have to do this, they could have just washed their hands of the franchise but they chose to fight for it because they know the fans are out there and they just want the second chance to get it right. So give them a second chance to get Frostbite right for you. Contribute even $5 to the campaign, so then when it hits the $1.5 million, you can say you had a hand in helping it reach the goal and you helped shape the film. YOU now have a voice in this, make yourself heard! There are over 47,000 fans on the Official VA Movie twitter page, 363,495 fans of the Facebook page for the VA Movie and there are over a million fans of the Vampire Academy book series Facebook Page. Show everyone that you are a strong fanbase that believes in giving the producers a second chance and believe in the second film. I promise you that they will make this franchise the way it was supposed to be made! They have listened to you guys this far, help them out a little bit by contributing to the campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/frostbite-a-vampire-academy-film/x/8361821

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