Time for College Applications and Prep

Time for College Applications and Prep

We're back from vacation and neck deep in college application prep for our son, a senior this year.  Our son, second child, is the first interested in attending a 4 year college, making this our first time applying to colleges.

My son asked me to help him stay organized and ahead of his college applications and test deadlines.  I assume he asked me and not his dad because I am the "organized one"!

Step One:  Set up a Google Calendar and share with my son.  This is a critical tool for organizers.  .

  • On the Calendar:  SAT and ACT test registration dates, test dates,and retake registration / test dates.
  • Application filing dates for our state universities, state colleges, and out of state choices
  • Checkpoints for scholarship, grant, and funding deadlines
  • Due dates and check points for his Senior Project (a requirement at his high school)

Step Two :  Spreadsheet.  This is a terrific MS Excel template I will use to track college applications and test scores for my son.

College Application Prep Spreasheet

Step Three :  Financial Aid Calculators.  This seems like a great tool from the New York Times to compare financial aid from different schools.

College Financial Aid Calculator


paying for college financial aid

Step Four: Stay calm!  I am doing as much research as possible without overloading on information.  I like this checklist for parents of 12th graders.  It is simple, easy to follow, and actionable.

So the journey begins as our family begins the next phase.  We are rested and ready to start college application prep, SAT, ACT, and financial aid.  Buckle up!

Cheers!  Tammi

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