Tilt tables, heart monitor, and MRI! oh my!!

Tilt tables, heart monitor, and MRI! oh my!!

Today has been rough, I wont lie; I feel like crap. I have been through a maze of tests recently. Heart monitors, stress tests, MRI, and today was no different.  Today I had my tilt table test(say that three times fast). I feinted 3 times! Once after the I.V, no reason, second while doing the test, and finally whwen I wanted to leave. 

The tilt table is where they strap you to a bed and tilt it 80°. The goal is to make you pass out or feint. They do this while checking blood pressures and monitoring the heart. It can find Nuero Cardiogenic syncope. 

So, I feinted and got the "You have nuero cardiogenic syncope" speech. To which I said I know. The problem is I get so confused after an episode, and I loose short memory. Scarey, right? But today, I was told about how common it is. I thought, really?  I don't know anyone who suffers from this and not too many people know what it is. 

Treatment? Yea there is salt and water. Meds can be used. What triggers mine? Stress, lack of sleep, and bad timing.


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