i am not easily offended.


i am not one to even get angry all that often.


but you know what really makes me mad

like blood-curdling face-melting pissed off?


breaking cute one-of-a-kind dishes my mom gave me,




getting plum juice on my brand new shirt i made for a dollar out of really cute fabric.


{i know i know.... it was a dollar} but seriously folks, wasn't breaking the dish plenty in one morning....? i only got to wear the shirt once!!


i spent all day boiling water, and sitting my precious oh-so-expensive shirt in special stain removers.


i would like to go back in time, to yestermorn and be more on my game.


pay close attention to all the nooks and crannies of the day...


and when i called to tell my mom of afore mentioned reasons for being so ticked at the world, she interjected to tell me of a dear family friend that passed. 


boy do i feel stupid.


it's a dish.


and fabric. that cost me a dollar.


perhaps i need a nook and cranny adjustment after all.


dear self,


get over yourself.


big red clifford