Things I've learned as the DJ's girlfriend

Things I've learned as the DJ's girlfriend

As I've mentioned previously my boyfriend is a DJ and has just been confirmed as the opening act of a 3 day music festival going on in the city this summer (he's opening for Scratch Bastid a well known Canadian DJ and Team Canada another awesome group as well as pop artist which I'm actually not sure who it is at this time).  This is by far the most exciting move in his career and it got me thinking about my role as the DJ's girlfriend, sometimes referred to as the DJ's widow because you spend time in concerts and in clubs without your partner as they are the source of entertainment.  I have learned how to make one drink last 3 hours when I don't have a lot of spare cash but feel obligated to purchase at least one while I wait.  I have had to muster up the energy to head over to an afer party because he has to make an appearance and had to maintain that energy until 6 or 7 in the morning (this has become somewhat easier working until 1am myself)  I have taken photos in the club, worked coat check, handed out promo flyers, watched every outlet in a club because I needed something to do and I can't always rely on friends to be around.  I have also lugged equipment countless amounts of time, I know to be careful with it, I alway did but my boyfriend never fails to remind me, its his livelyhood after all.  I've watched tons of girls hang off my partner or have been told by other folks about it, DJ's require trusting partners, its not for the weak.  I have also had people buy me shots and other drinks, and I've had people tell me how lucky I am to have him, I am constantly told how talented he is and have been told by some folks that they only come out when he's playing.  But I love him and its exciting to see his career start to take off, I just hope he'll continue to let me tag along on the journey.  cheers.

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