Things I learned in the last 2 months with Type 1 Diabetes (that I didn’t learn from the doctor)

Things I learned in the last 2 months with Type 1 Diabetes (that I didn’t learn from the doctor)

·         You need a prescription for testing strips
·         Novolog & Levemir have 300 units in each pen
·         You have to refrigerate insulin (that was a $100 mistake)
·         Insurance companies are whack
·         Buying in bulk is required to save money (long term) – Glucose Tabs, Testing Strips…
·         Being Diabetic is expensive
·         I thought knew what Diabetes was….then I was diagnosed with it, and now I really know
·         What normal feels like
·         Don’t shower after taking insulin (it makes the insulin work faster)
·         How to count carbs
·         “Carb Free” typically isn’t Carb Free
·         The carb free food is terrible for you (beef sticks, pork rinds…)
·         People will give you unsolicited medical advice and they aren’t doctors
·         Your support system will be amazing
·         Working out will change…running lowers my blood sugar too fast and too low. Now I weight train instead of run.
·         I need to eat set meals that I can dose for (while on injections) …grazing throughout the day is difficult (while on injections)
·         Insurance only covers so many needles a day (make sure you doctor writes a script that will give you enough)
·         The Pharmacy and Pharmacy Staff will know you by name
·         You will feel lonely trying to find the right pump & CGM
·         You will realize how easy everyone else has it at the airport and government buildings
·         People are intolerant…in a sense that they don’t know what’s healthy for you…but it’s because they don’t know.
·         You get to worry about your glucose, your heart, your cholesterol, your feet, your eyes, and other autoimmune disorders
·         People will ask you stupid questions, but only because they don’t know
·         Someone will tell you about a family member or friend that died
·         Some doctors use the scare tactic to keep you in line
·         Keep snacks next to your bedside for night time lows
·         You are allowed to have your moments
·         You will know your body more than you ever thought possible.


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