In Their Own Words: Victims of Verbal Abuse Speak

In Their Own Words: Victims of Verbal Abuse Speak

The following are the words of women who have responded to my posts about verbal abuse. You can read the posts here and here. Some of these responses were comments in my blog posts and some of them were sent via emails. The desperation, helplessness, and self-blame are quite evident in these women’s responses.

Their words reveal the simple fact that you never know what goes on behind closed doors. What may seem like a happy marriage may in fact be an abusive one. I speak from personal experience.

Remember that just because women don’t talk about verbal abuse, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. There is a level of shame involved that prevents many women from speaking up about it, like the idea that the husband is a reflection of herself and of her poor life choices. This can make her feel that she should just accept this as her fate. After all, didn’t she make the decision to marry him? She made her bed, now she needs to lay in it, right? 

We need more stories like these to offer solace and support to fellow women who are suffering at the cruel words and actions of their husbands and partners.

These situations are far, far too common.

And you are not alone. 


These are lies that we tell ourselves — and these lies are steeped in self-doubt and the absence of self-worth.



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