You're Not Mom of the Year When

You're Not Mom of the Year When

While I'm a fan of the "You know you're a mom when..." craze, I've had enough. We all haven't brushed our hair in a week and only one leg is shaved and every outfit has poop on it, blah blah blah. I'm here to introduce something a little racy. That's right...things are about to get crazy up in here (up in here...up in here...).

Not really. But here's my spin off for your reading pleasure. Feel free to spin off my spin off and give 75% of the mad profits.

You Know You're Not Getting MOTY (Mom Of the Year) Award When...

1. Your toddler is the quietest kid in the grocery store... because he's playing Angry Birds on daddy's phone.

2. You send your child to daycare with one shoe and no diapers. This hits you as you drive off with his lunch.

3. Your 2-year-old mutters a profanity you didn't even know until you were 10.

4. Your child points to the display of wine at the grocery store and exclaims "Mommy Ba-ba!!"

5. All the adorable pictures of your 1.5-year-old at his first zoo trip also have you sporting a Coors Light T-shirt and Un-brushed hair.

6. You've taught your child the duck face.

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