Thanksgiving: Have You Started Eating Yet?

Thanksgiving: Have You Started Eating Yet?

I'm awake, the neighbor's dog made sure of that at about 6:30 this morning.  Because I pre-gamed, and made a lot ahead as momma taught me, I'm already preheating the oven and giving it the pep talk, its call to get its game face on as it has got a helluva a day ahead of it. I've got the monkey bread and the eggs benedict casserole, (my personal "can't wait to eat" item), ready to go and wanted to take a moment before things get into full swing to offer you some advice:

EAT.  EAT IT ALL.  EAT A LOT OF IT ALL.  You have my permission.  Hell, I know it's a national holiday, a day where we all gather with family to give thanks, but above all it is a national day to EAT.  You are supposed to be a glutton today.  So, go ahead, indulge and savor the moment the turkey- shaped butter melts all over your mashed potatoes and revel in the moment you pour the gravy over the whole dish.  Go back for seconds.  Eat dessert.  Sample them all; the lemon tarts, the pumpkin, apple and pecan pies and get crazy and make them a la mode.  Drink.  Drink the beer, the wine the whatever they are serving drink.  Have coffee, stay up all night; you will be awake anyway trying to deal with the gas pain.You have earned this, you have cooked, shopped, traveled, starved yourself, and now it is the main event.  It's a national day of eating; so don't skimp, or practice portion control of any kind. I'll never forget the look on my kids' faces one Thanksgiving when their host, whom shall remain nameless, answered their innocent query, "where are the rolls?" with, "you don't need rolls, there's all that stuffing."  It was if all the balloons in the Macy's Day Parade had come to die and deflated right in that dining room.  We know we don't need the rolls, but we want the rolls.  So, don't forego your rolls, or Aunt Pam's Infamous Mexican Dip.  Get elbow deep in the chip bag  and do it with reckless abandon.  It's the whole point, people!  Tomorrow is another day; you can get back to hummus, avocado, almonds and fruit then.  This one day was meant to roll around in food guilt free. So get out there and make me proud. I can smell the burnt sugar of the monkey bread now!

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