Thank you for the well wishes! And an Update.

Thank you for the well wishes! And an Update.

pink cast

As many of you are aware, I literally shattered my right wrist in a tumble down the stairs.  The primary purpose of this post is to say THANK YOU for all of the get-well wishes and ongoing support.  Of course, a major shout out to my dear friend Robin (SunbonnetSmart), who posted a BlogHer card, which many of you signed.  Along with that, she designed two of the most fabulous activity pages anyone could ever want ( and  (   Please feel free to share those with any of your ill or injured friends who may need a laugh, a challenge or just need to see a cutesy wootsey little fluff ball video.  You gotta love a gift that can be offered to others who may need a little creative distraction and some light-hearted fun in their life too.

About my wrist, I had a one-week follow up visit with the orthopedic surgeon who told me, or should I say, ordered me, to not use my right hand at all.  He said:  The injury was worse than the x-rays indicated.  And, I did a great job, so DON’T mess it up!  I respect and really appreciate the doctor’s expertise and advise, so will follow his instructions exactly.  Of course that means typing, and doing just about everything else, with my left hand.  And, it can be done.

My right arm has a lovely pink cast on it and, I believe, is healing.  I see the doctor again in two weeks and will hopefully be allowed to begin physical therapy and two handed typing.   Until then, I plan to enjoy my spring, read lots, and write a post for my blog.  Recently, I went to an all day women’s health seminar for health care professionals and will share some of what I learned in my next post.  

Again, thank you for making me feel special and loved.  No doubt that all of the positive vibes that have come my way have helped my recovery.

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