Thank You 2013!

Thank You 2013!

Thank you 2013!

You have given me a year of sadness, uncertainty, deceit, and anger; a year of being overworked and exhausted; a year of near misses and close calls. This was a year that to some would be a relief and to others a disaster.

Why would I thank a year that has been such a challenge? I thank you because for every minute of sadness, you made me appreciate my happiness.  For every lie, you showed the truth.  For every time I felt anger, I sought peace and found it.  Every time I felt overworked, I was reminded why I do my job and that it matters. I am grateful for the close calls you gave me, so I can no longer take anyone for granted.

Most importantly, you have shown me who I am as a person. You have shown me that I can be strong when needed and call for help when I am not strong enough.  I have learned who is worthy of my trust and who must be watched.  I have learned to appreciate each and every day I am given and to make the most of it. Above all, I have learned there are no coincidences.  There is a purpose and reason for everything.  

2014 may bring more challenges or bring nothing but smoothly paved roads.  Whatever lies ahead, I am ready. 

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