Test Your Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge

In an attempt to understand Christianity better, I began studying my religion’s Jewish roots.  The results surprised me.  Instead of finding answers, I found more questions…and more…and more….(See my Christian Wannabe Post).  Although I faithfully attended church for more than a decade, I realized I didn’t know half as much as I thought I did.  Below are just a few of the surprises I came across.  Before I divulge my answers, I thought I’d invite readers to try a hand. Opinions and research are all welcome from any/all readers.  What do you think:

Is the Old Testament the Jewish ‘Bible’?

Who/what is ha Satan?

According to Jewish faith who tempts man?

Who/what was Lucifer?  From what language is the word derived?

Who is the morning star: Satan or Jesus?

What is the Valley of Hinnom (Hinnom Valley)?  How does it relate to Jesus’ time?

What is Gehanna (Gehinnom)?

Are Hades and Hell the same place?

Did Israel believe in eternal punishment?

Did Jesus believe in original sin? 

Does the New Testament contain any political/satirical references?

What is the canon? 

When were the books of the Bible compiled as one? And how were the books chosen? How many books are in the Bible?

Have any questions to add?  Let me know in the comment section.


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