Ten Things That Make Your Blog a Hot Mess

Ten Things That Make Your Blog a Hot Mess

All you do are review and giveaway posts – Speaking of earning money… make the decision early on what your game plan is. Are you going to be an editorial, lifestyle blogger who does SOME reviews and giveaways or are you going to be solely a review/giveaway site? Because I don’t think you can effectively do both because someone is going to be disappointed. I’m not slamming review/giveaway posts because I know you get awesome site stats from it, it’s just not what I’m looking for. I have a loose rule that I’ll only do 10% PR work.

Your posts are too long and you don’t use pictures – Maybe because I’m ADD, but with rare exception, you lose me after about 800 words. Really it’s 500 but I know that’s not many who write that few. There are too many sites out there to visit that most of us just don’t have time to read Moby Dick when we’d rather be reading Dick and Jane. And if I hit a site and there are NO pictures, I almost always bounce. By now you know how important images are but if you don’t – they’re really important. Plus they give a personal feel to your stories. If you don’t want to use photos of your family, that’s fine. Go buy someone else’s family and use those – that’s what stock images are for.

You use too many colors and fonts – Okay you creatives out there.. I know you like the pretty pastel colors and swirly fonts but give my eyes a break. It kinda falls into the first point I made… my eyes are pinging all over the place like a pinball. It’s pretty but it’s so, so distracting. I’m not saying go white & black all over but choose a few key colors that flow and stick with them. Same for fonts. If I have to strain to read what you wrote, I’m out of there. On the flip side – don’t have a site completely void of color, either. 

I’m not harshing on you, I promise.. these are just things that I don’t like. If you like them, hey.. it’s your site :)




Kristen Daukas

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