10 Things to Do While Waiting for Test Results

10 Things to Do While Waiting for Test Results

1. Knit. Can’t tell you exactly why you should knit, except that I’ve noticed that some extremely resilient people knit during the hardest of times. Even in that book Tale of Two Cities, the women knit their way through crazy revolution (and transmitted secret messages). So, when waiting – Knit. Of course if you are like me it’s more like 1) Find knitting needles and yarn, 2) Try to knit, 3) Abandon knitting.

2. Make vague commitments. “Oh yeah, I’d love to get together maybe depending upon several factors. So let’s set that up for the day after my results, and we can shift it a week back or two back or not at all depending on the news. I’ll call you in the morning to cancel, maybe. But if it’s really  bad, I’ll just disappear from the face of the earth.


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3. Make and eat cookies, obviously. Get in some Netflix while you’re at it. This is the time to indulge on brain candy.

4. Speculate. Oh my god, how can you not? Speculate who will win the next Oscar for lead actress and actor. Which team is going to take the World Cup? Will the sun come up tomorrow? How many planets in the universe contain life? Speculate to your heart’s content, except for that one big thing you are trying to avoid. Maybe if you fill up with all the little things, the big immediate thing will just disappear?

5. Commit yourself to a bigger and better. Change the world. Donate to charity. Go green with all of your house cleaning purchases and reorganize your cupboards. Do something meaningful with your life, damn it!

6. Bargain. Get your butt down to the nearest farmer’s market, and bargain like crazy over those organic goods. Farmers won’t cut you a deal? Here’s a better idea – buy a ticket to Mexico, and go to one of those markets. It’s crazy good bargaining fun down there.

7. Pray. Seriously, this is helpful however or whatever or wherever you do it.

8. Write like a maniac. I call these things “distraction posts” and have been doing them this week.  Personally, I don’t want to draw too much attention while waiting for results, but do have a lot of pent up energy. So, blog, baby, blog. Get it out of your system with multiple food, life, love, lists, and how-to posts.

9. Clean. Clean now while you can – whether the news is good, bad or in between, there might be a period afterward where you don’t want to do anything normal, and instead just hide from the world (in your clean bedroom, preferably, with clean sheets, and clean cups for tea).

10. Take a deep breath. Breathe. Look at the starts and breathe. Close your eyes and breathe. Listen to music and breathe. Do absolutely nothing but breathe. Breathe and be glad for each breath. Sometimes that is all you can really do. Hold that breath, and hold gratitude for that breath.

Bonus idea: Remember that this too shall pass, one way or another – you are going to move forward. You really are. So will I.

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