Ten in April 2010

Ten in April 2010

Here's the background post that will bring you up to speed on the 10 in X, 2010 challenge.

Here's my list of 10 for April:

1) Empty five boxes from the garage and get the junk in the boxes out of the house. (1 is carry over from March.)

2) Go to a museum we have not been to before. (March carryover.)

3) Write two posts from my WIP file. (Yep, another March carryover.)

4) Figure out what's wrong with the God printer/scanner/fax (uh huh, March again.)

5) Get the photos cleaned up. (See above.)

6) Leave five comments per week on blogs I don't normally comment on - so this is interesting. I think I managed this but I didn't do a good job of tracking it. So I didn't scratch it off of my March list. This month, I'm adding it again and going to really track it - plus, I enjoyed leaving more comments so I want to keep doing this.

7) Take the kids to the Botanic Gardens.

8) Get the books by color cleaned up, they are SUCH a mess.

9) Clean off the front porch - winter was hard on it.

10) Read 10 books from my Reading Challenges (which means I have to work fewer hours...)

Now let's see YOUR list.

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager
Flamingo House Happenings


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