Teen Dating and Uncomfortable Situations

Teen Dating and Uncomfortable Situations

Beau & Calvin

Teen girl sitting by lake Beau has been dating someone now for – I want to say half a year now.  Maybe longer, but I am old so last week to me usually means two months ago.  Anyhow, her boyfriend is a really nice guy and I totally approve.  Whenever he is over, the hubby loves to drill him.  One time, he was asking him all kinds of questions then suddenly says something about cleaning his gun.  The boyfriend, we will call him Calvin, looked up so fast when he heard the word Gun, like when you’re at a little league game and you hear someone yell ‘Heads UP’, it was classically hilarious, I could not stop laughing.  The look on his face was priceless, as in if there was a MasterCard Priceless commercial. The exact look that you want someone dating your daughter to have.  Something like this:

Bowl of Cereral = $.50 cents

Daughter’s Prom Dress = $300.00

Look on boyfriend’s face when he hears the word GUN come from his girlfriend’s father = PRICELESS!!!!


Fast forward now about 3 months later.  We had Calvin over tonight for dinner.  The hubby was talking to him in is usual interrogation manner, something about how Beau never lets him buy her things, blah, blah, blah then hubby says, common, help us out and buy her some clothes.  Calvin responded by saying: “so you want me to buy her some lingerie?”

Hubby had a mouth full of soda that literally projectiles out his mouth and nose upon hearing Calvin’s proposal. The funniest comeback and payback for the gun comment I have ever heard in my life.  I could not stop laughing!  Dude that was funny…. Ahem, as long as you didn’t really mean it, Calvin!

Knight & the Future

Tonight Knight tells me (apparently my cost conscious son): “If I don’t have a lot of money when I go to college, I will go to the one that I can afford, because it is better than not going at all.”  God love this kid!

Ann Marie & Injuries

small girl with owee on her forehead Strike 1: Back in May, Ann Marie broke her ankle on the trampoline.  Strike 2: No sooner than when she got her cast off, we were on the last leg of our hike in the Rocky Mountains when she tripped and fell forehead first on the ONLY rock withing 30 square feet on the trail.  The rock happened to be angled and pointed up, ideally perfect for major injury if you find it with your forehead. Chances are HIGH with Ann Marie that she would land on that rock.  She had a black, bright pink, purple and blue eye for a week and a half.  Strike 3: On our vacation to Montana, Ann Marie jumped in the pool at a corner, turned as she jumped in and hit her chin on the side of the pool.  With an emergency run to the Target First Aid isle and a little creative Band-aide stitchery, we closed the wound and she is now on her road to wound-less-ness.  First time in a few months.  Keep it up Ann Marie so I can pay off the hospital bills before you rack up new ones!

What was the memorable moment of your week?


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