Tear by Tear

Tear by Tear

t's hard to put yourself out there. To talk about the hard things. To acknowledge that you struggle.  But every time that I do, I am taken aback. By the support. The love. The virtual nods of sympathy and looks of understanding. The comments. The e-mails. The phone calls. The cards.

We all know sadness
 And I feel your pain
 Well everybody knows a little loneliness sometimes
 'Cause we're all the same

A remarkable amount of people have reached out to me. Sharing their own stories. Of miscarriage. Of infertility. Of young stroke survivors. Of kidney disease. Of their own times surviving on ramen noodles and dreams. 

We all have sorrow
We all have shame
Everybody feels a bit of emptiness sometimes
Now what you gonna do about that
At times, I want to say NO. My experience is mine and no one could ever know what I feel. And to an extent, that's true for all of us. We can never know other journeys the way we know our own. But we can choose isolation, or we can choose connection. We can know that although people cannot be in our shoes, they can share situations that are painfully similar. And often, they can share their stories of hope.
There's a way to keep going
Step by step
Try to fix what's been broken
Brick by brick
While your life will keep coming
Year after year
Drain the pain
Tear by tear
Drain away the pain
Tear by tear
I will not allow myself to be isolated. I will not allow things that have happened in my life, to determine who I am. They are no stronger than they wonderful things that counteract them. They are all only pieces and parts. I admit though, those bad things? They are compelling. Some days they force me into a corner until all I want to do is crawl underneath the covers. And then I write about it.
Take a look around you
Every face that you see
Well everybody gets a little paralyzed sometimes
The epidemic of our insanity
And there all of you are. With your own stories. With your own tears. And you lend me your strength. You lend me your smiles. You hope for me when I can no longer hope. You say prayers. You offer little pieces of sunshine that will eventually lead me out of the darkness.
Thank you. Each and every one of you. The new, the old, those I've known for all my life and those I've met recently through this virtual journey. Thank you for a hand up when I need it, a shove when I need it, a good laugh, a kick in the pants when I need it, and love (isn't that all we really need, after all?)

*Lyrics are "Tear by Tear" by Sister Hazel. Go here to hear the song, I love it. 
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