#TBT: A Love Letter to My #BlogHer14 Sisters

#TBT: A Love Letter to My #BlogHer14 Sisters

When I tell people that at 32 years old I’ve never been in love a pearl-grabbing gasp is the common response.

Eyes bulging, jaws dropping, some slowly step back.

I comfort them with my confidence, “It’s okay, it’s not a condition.”

When I decided to share my story by blogging I thought it would be as simple as write, post, repeat.

Little did I know, it would be more like write, hide, puke, repeat.

Fear, anxiety and intimidation would sink in and I would rather push pins in my eyes than press publish on another post.

But then, BlogHer happened.

And this girl who has never been in love with a man, had her heart stolen by a room full of women.


Blogher women, your kindness, passion and brilliance were bursting in every room I entered.

No question was stupid; no laugh was too loud (except for maybe the moment when a few of us were shhhhhed for whispering to one another during the Pathfinder keynote.)

You blogging beauties of every color, shape, size and point of view willingly poured out your wisdom, knowledge, creativity, heartache and pain.

Your hilarious jokes and boldness to be unapologetically you reminded me to always be me, no matter the temptation to conform.

timeline goal photo blogher14

You were lovely.

Not selfish, arrogant, cliquish or quick to ostracize.

You were generous.

You shared the mistakes you made so that I don’t have to make them.

You were honest.

Teaching me a writer’s worth is based on passion and purpose not just page views.

From the blogging moms trying to find the right words to describe the complicated lives you live for your little people. Is it balance? Is it juggle? Maybe struggle?

To the veterans who were brave enough to start this work a decade or so ago so newbies like me could be bold enough to move it forward.

Thank you daring dreamers.

Thank you for pissing people off, advocating for those without a voice, making others laugh by poking fun at yourself and making money while doing it.

Thank you for your validation. For giving me the courage to call myself… dare I say it… a writer.

The Love Jump at times can feel like a lonely pursuit. But I know I’m not alone.

There is a world of girls (and some guys) who are jumping into their dreams right along with me and loving every minute of it.

With Love,

The Love Jump


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