Crip Wives

So last night I stayed up all night thinking of ways to generate income without resulting to crime. I quit my job yesterday to pursue my career as a novel writer. Yes I'm going to stay home and write books. The first novel is an autobiography entitled " Alost Soul" Tales of a Crip wife. This story is about my encounters with crip gangs, drugs and the lifestyle of being married to a Crip. Yes I spent ten years with one of Los Angele3s's oldest and most respected Crips. He fathered my two youngest children. My oldest child also has a crip father. The funny part is that there gangs do get along with one another and don't beef as much as others. I was introduced to the crip lifestyle bach in the warly 80's. I saw the rags hanging out their pockets, them shooting dice, and the cars with loud music. They all seemed to be respected by everyone.The wore pants sagging to their waist and shoe laces of either red or blue. They wore nike cortez with white tshirts and smoked funny cigarettes. At night they roomed seeking some victim to prey upon. Before I'd go to bed I'd hear the sounds of gunshots in the air. They all walked in packs and called each other CUz". The oldest member was like the father of the tribe. The younger men followed and clignded to each word. Sometimes they would hang out in the local parks and play music loud.  No one was to ask why or even ask them to leave. Years later I married a crip. He is from one of the largest most notorious street crip gangs in Los Angeles, California. I was 19 when I first met him. He was like a father, a commander and chief. He took no mess and prided himself in his name he had been given. People everywhere we went knew of him. They respected him and I as well because I was his girl. He sometimes get mad and say " Im so and so from blah blah blah and it always pissed me off. These are the Tales of A crip Wife Stay tuned for the next episode entitled. "Crip Wives" Stay outta that neighborhood". Written by Stephanie M. Owens.   Read more >