12 Date Ideas to Give You a Break From the Kids

12 Date Ideas to Give You a Break From the Kids

You love your partner and you miss having time alone Unfortunately, getting out together is hard when you have little ones at home. In addition to the cost of your date night, you also have to consider the cost of your sitter. However, it’s vital to make the effort to still date your partner. Otherwise, you may slowly drift apart and find that you’re living with a stranger. If you’re worried about instituting a date night because of the cost, then consider these clever and frugal ideas.


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Wonder About the Cosmos
Take a date in your own back yard after the kids to go bed. Wait until they’re settled down for the night, then head out back with your partner and a blanket. Lay on the ground and look up at the stars as you talk about your dreams and lives.

Take a Class
Have you always wanted to learn ballroom dancing? Twirling across the floor and learning how to cut a rug can make you and your spouse feel more connected. When you determine the cost per lesson, you’ll find that this is actually a very cost-effective choice. Take dance lessons for a few weeks, and then you’ll really impress your friends at the next wedding.

Enjoy the Fresh Air
Who says that dates have to involve French restaurants and shocking guest bills? It costs nothing to go for a hike, and an evening hike on a Friday night can also be romantic. Bump it up a notch by packing a snack to enjoy. Rather than taking the apples and peanut butter sandwiches your kids are fond of, make this one more adult-friendly. 

Dine Out
Go on a picnic just for adults. Include a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, and maybe some strawberries with whipped cream for dessert.

Hit the Happy Hour
You may not have met your partner in a bar, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot visit one now. Find out when the happy hour is at a neighborhood pub. Enjoy the pretzels, get a few drinks and reminisce over old times. 

Check the Flavor
You’d be surprised at how affordable wine tastings are. This is your chance to enjoy some quality adult time because the other patrons will also be adults. You can also learn which wines go best with different foods, and that lets you take those special meals at home to a new level.

Choose the Tribute Band
Cities all over the nation are hosting outdoor concerts with tribute bands. The bands focus on the work of one particular group, and some of them are very, very good. You can take in a tribute band for a fraction of the price, and you just may find a new favorite activity.

Be a Tourist
When you travel to a new city, you go out of your way to see what the tourist attractions are. You find out about amateur comedy nights, great museums and other attractions. When was the last time you looked at your own city through the eyes of a tourist? See what great features your hometown has to offer and plan a date. 

Get a Healthy Treat
When you were dating, you probably went out for ice cream sometimes. You may be watching your waistline more closely these days, but you can still enjoy something sweet. Take a little time out for yourselves and partake of a frozen yogurt treat.

Go to the Amateur Hour
You don't have to pay top-dollar for great entertainment. Visit the amateur hour at the local improv. You might see some great talent while saving money.

Start a Fire
This is another activity that doesn’t really require a sitter. Put the kids in bed with their nightgowns and favorite stuffed animals, then start a fire just for the two of you. Snuggle together as you watch the flames dance. Enjoy your favorite snacks and the knowledge that this evening didn’t cost a dime. 

Go Window Shopping
You don't have to be ready to make a big purchase to enjoy a little window shopping. Head to the mall or local specialty store to see what kinds of things are available. You can give each other ideas for gifts, such as a cool camouflage jacket for the winter or a lovely coach purse that will match your summer wardrobe. Whether you're dreaming of a new watch or a new car, you can use this quiet date time to set some goals for yourselves.

Finally, take steps to save on babysitting. If possible, trade services with a friend. You watch all of the kids one night a month, and they’ll watch everyone on another night. You can also enlist the help of grandparents to keep the kids once in a while. Coordinate with friends who have teenagers to see if their kids are interested in making a little extra money. When you save on the sitter, you can splurge a little more on the date.

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