Sweet Plantains with Cinnamon Sugar

Sweet Plantains with Cinnamon Sugar

Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago there were always a lot of plantains, we ate them mostly boiled and fried, I remember spending time at my Aunt’s house in Free-port Trinidad, and waking up early in the morning to the smell of sweet plantains being fried and served with coconut bake and salt fish. Nowadays, I don’t eat a lot of fry plantains anymore, I mostly baked, roast or grill my plantains now.
You should really try this recipe, after eating these plantains, you will never fry your sweet ripe plantains again, these plantains are so delicious and full of sweet cinnamon flavor, and it’s just like a burst of sweetness in your mouth.
These plantains can be eaten by itself or as a dessert topped with some coconut whipped cream. It is great whichever way you have them. 
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