Sweet Butternut Squash with Chopped Walnuts

Sweet Butternut Squash with Chopped Walnuts

For years candied sweet potatoes were a favorite in our home, especially around the holidays, but that’s changed in the last several years. Now Sweet Butternut Squash with Chopped Walnuts has taken first place and become the favorite.


                         Image:  Coutesy of Jodee Weiland

I decided to make this recipe several years back during the holidays, and now we make it whenever we can get butternut squash. It’s basically the same recipe we used on the baked sweet potatoes, minus the miniature marshmallows for a topping that some people use. I was never a big fan of marshmallows, so I eliminated those long ago. I added chopped walnuts instead, and it turned out great!

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