The Superstar Blogger Award

The Superstar Blogger Award

I am absolutely thrilled to accept the Superstar Blogger Award from author and journalist, Melanie Jean Juneau at joy of nine9.  Melanie already made me feel like a superstar, the first time she commented on my post.  joy of nine9 is a must read, it will make you laugh, gasp out loud, think and reflect.  Melanie writes with an honest pen and in a tone that draws you in.

Thank you, Melanie for this nomination. 

Now, as per the rules, I must answer your questions.

1.  What is the funniest thing about you? 

I cannot remember nor do I know the lyrics to most songs.  I love music and sing away joyously, making up the words as I go along. 

2.  Who is your favourite personality? 

Ellen DeGenerous.  It is her positivity and generousity as well as her sense of humour I admire.   Her show always leaves people feeling good.  "Be kind to one another" she reminds us. 

3.  What is your lucky thing? (How about Who...)

Interesting question...My Nana is 101 years old.  Her favourite expression is, "Aren't I lucky?"  She is my lucky thing. 

4.  What is your favourite weather?

Fall weather...warm in the day, cool at night - sweater weather!  I also enjoy a rain storm complete with thunder and lightning. 

5.  A name that you want to give me.

Drum roll please...."The child whisperer". 

Next, I will award my nominations for the Superstar Blogger Award.  Please take time to visit each of the following blogs. 

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Courtney Barnum

Please pass this on to others so it continues to spread like a ripple effect. 

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