Sunday Food Prep Week 2: Getting In The Groove

Sunday Food Prep Week 2: Getting In The Groove

Planning and prepping my meals last week worked so well! I was able to throw dishes together so fast during the week, it was awesome. When your veggies are washed and chopped, grains cooked, and sauces ready, things go quicker. I think my average time to throw together our dinners was about 20 minutes. Talk about a time saver. This allowed me to go to yoga classes and go to the gym after work, and still have time to make a home cooked meal!

This week I made, from left to right: Apple chips, kale chips, brown rice, sliced bell peppers, BBQ chicken in the crock pot for the boyfriend’s lunches, zucchini noodles, carrot sticks, roasted parmesan potatoes, slivered carrots, hard boiled eggs for breakfast, cucumber noodles, peanut sauce, chopped broccoli, hummus, steamed green beans, and homemade spring rolls with avocado for my lunches. All of this took me about 3 hours, which was a bit longer than last week. What took me longer was roasting the potatoes and baking the chips.


I still need to work on my chip-making abilities, for some reason I just can’t get the chips right. The kale burns too quickly and turns soggy when I store it in baggies. The apples was my own fault… I tried to turn up the temperature so they’d finish faster but they burned instead. Currently we have apple slices in our dehydrator, and that usually produces really nice chips without the risk of burning! I’ll post a picture of them if they come out good!

With my prepped food I have made this week: Chicken Avocado Soup, Roasted Potatoes with Green Beans and Chicken, Peanut Noodle Stir Fry, and Stuffed Bell Peppers! I’ll be posting each recipe that I used the next couple of days.


My boyfriend really liked the peanut noodles. He brought them to work the next day and he said that people would walk by and comment on how awesome they smelled! Peanut sauce is so easy, it’s basically peanut butter, soy sauce, honey, garlic, and rice vinegar. I’ll post that recipe later this week :)

Do you prep anything before the week starts? Interested in prepping but don’t know how to start?