Stop Wasting Food with These Strategies

Stop Wasting Food with These Strategies

When we started getting all up with the frugality at the Arens household, we quickly realized we couldn't make a new meal every night. Three people just don't eat that much food. Even with eating leftovers literally every day for lunch, there were still days we threw some away. And that felt beyond icky. I absolutely hate to waste food.

Meagan at The Kitchen Hour has five kids and still struggles with food waste (so I guess I can't just blame my small family). She has a list of top five tips for avoiding food waste. This is my favorite. It seems so obvious, but sometimes when you're trying to be frugal you buy in bulk and then end up with, well, bulk.

2. Buy Less Food.

Since I’m easily overwhelmed and distracted, loading up my shelves with tons of food at once is a sure path to waste. A well-stocked pantry is one thing, but a crisper drawer loaded with wilting produce and shelves so crammed with condiments and cheeses that you can’t find your way to the leftover chicken just leads to food going bad.


Credit Image: stevendepolo on Flickr

Check out the rest of Meagan's tips. Do you have more?

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