The Standard of Success: Making the Most of Your Ad Inventory presented by IAB

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has been publishing advertising standards for the digital advertising industry for more than two decades, but advertising technology is constantly evolving. Join IAB Faculty member Kara Dempsey to learn how to boost your ad revenue in 2017 through the right placement types, ad formats and page design for your unique content. This interactive session will cover concepts like responsive design, the new 2017 IAB Ad Portfolio industry standards, boosting your content offering with audience data, viewability and ad blocking.

Attendees will walk away understanding:

  • How to maximize ad dollars from advertisers targeting niche audiences.
  • How to incorporate the best new ad formats and latest digital trends.
  • How ad blockers are changing the advertising landscape, and what you can do about it.


Kara Dempsey, Founder / White Owl Training & Consulting


This session is presented by IAB Education Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. It was formed to tackle to two prominent issues in the industry; a growing talent and skills gap, and lack of gender, racial, cultural, and economic diversity. In response, the IAB Education Foundation and its iDiverse initiative launched a Digital Advertising Program to provide job-seekers with insight into the industry ecosystem and to arm them with the necessary skills to excel in entry-level positions. We are committed to building a diverse digital talent pipeline and changing how diversity is perceived and rewarded within organizations.