Squeaky Shoes: Yes I Am THE Best Grandmother In the Entire WORLD

Squeaky Shoes: Yes I Am THE Best Grandmother In the Entire WORLD

When I saw #Eve with her nifty squeaky shoes I knew JMP was going to need some. Fast. Only one problem, I wasn't sure what size shoe he was wearing and it was like 4am in HAWAII so ... I just guessed. And I ordered THREE PAIRS in three different sizes. Because yea, I'm crazy like that.

First, I ordered these cute little cowboy boots. They are adorable but they're a little big. Then, I ordered these little sandals. I didn't love them but they came in a size that I thought he could either wear now or would be able to wear soon. Then, I found these adorable skull shoes, in the size his mother told me he was wearing (by then, she was awake and answering my text messages.)

Turned out, that size she said he is wearing is not quite the size he is wearing because when they arrived, they were too small. No problem. Grandma to the rescue! I ordered another pair in the next size up (and told her to send that small pair to her BFF's son in Guam.)

The new shoes arrived today and they are FABULOUS. Fabulous. Seriously.

AM I not the BEST grandmother in the freaking world? And is Johnny Mac Pippin not the cutest kid in the freaking world?

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