Spring-Ready Legs in 5 Easy Steps

Spring-Ready Legs in 5 Easy Steps

Winter has been awful on my legs. They're pale; I've got dry and itchy alligator skin; and let's not look past the days of not shaving. I'm ready to prep them for the upcoming months of short shorts and cute dresses. Luckily, I've got an easy way to get my legs ready to come out and play!

Spring-ready legs in 5 easy steps

Things you will need:

Step 1.

While in the shower, take a scoop of your sugar scrub and slough it all over your legs in large circular motions. Really work it around. Don't neglect your heels. (Lord knows they've been dying to see sunlight, too.) Do not rinse yet.

Step 2.

Carefully begin shaving your legs, with the sugar scrub still on. Wipe your razor after each stroke. Believe me, the oil in your sugar scrub is going to make the hair clump, so you'll want to keep a washcloth close by to wipe off the hair. Sounds nasty, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Step 3.

Take another scoop of your sugar scrub and rub it all over your legs again. Now you can rinse and finish showering as usual.

Step 4.

Apply your after-bath oil to your wet legs. Do not dry them; let them air dry. This will help the oils to soak into your skin naturally; plus, this means you're not wiping any of the oil off. Because oil and water don't mix, the oil is more evenly distributed when you apply it to wet legs. If you start with dry legs, the oil sinks in too quickly on the section you started at, and you will end up having to use more product than you need.

Step 5.

Once the oil has soaked in, after about 15 minutes or so, you can apply self-tanning lotion or spray evenly over your legs.

Your legs will not only be oh-so-silky smooth, but they will also immediately begin to have a perfect glow.

Follow these easy steps a few times a week when it begins to get warm out, and feel great walking out of the house in that cute little spring dress.

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Kat Higgins

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