Everything You Needed to Know About South Asian Weddings

Everything You Needed to Know About South Asian Weddings

Since this is my first post on BlogHer, I figured I should start at the beginning. This is an introduction of sorts.

I started dreaming of my wedding long before my prince charming came into the picture. In my head, I knew certain things that I wanted to incorporate since I was a little girl. Yup, I'm one of those girls. Being part of a Pakistani family, I knew I was going to be an extra lucky bride - I would get to be the bride for 4 main days plus numerous other parties.

South Asian wedding, Image Credit: Shutterstock

Much like other cultures, Pakistani weddings are full of traditions and rituals. There are 4 main days:

  • Mayoun
    Mayoun marks the start of the main festivities of the wedding. Both the bride and groom have a separate mayoun - it’s an occasion for the close family and friends of each to celebrate with him/her. The families put on a yellow paste called uptan (made from sandalwood, turmeric and a whole bunch of other ‘stuff’) on the couple - to beautify them. Generally, from this day forward the bride no longer does house chores in preparation of her BIG day!

  • Mehendi
    This is my most favouritest (yes, that’s a word in my dictionary) day. Mehendi is the South Asian term for Henna. Traditionally, this is the day that the bride is adorned with henna patterns for the wedding. The Mehendi day is similar to the Mayoun except that both the bride and groom along with their families and friends are present. Each side brings sweets, gifts and henna for the other. The night is full of (friendly) competitions of dancing and singing between the two sides.
  • Shaadi
    This is the actual wedding/ceremony day. It is pretty similar to a traditional Western
    wedding – it is a formal affair where the ceremony takes place followed by dinner. After dinner, there are lots of rituals that happen. For example, there is the Jootha Chupai; hiding the grooms shoes and returning it in exchange for money

  • Valima
    Valima is the reception hosted by the grooms’ family to announce the couple as husband and wife. It is similar to a Western reception: the night is all about having a good time!

That's me on my mayoun!


That's me on my mayoun! Check out my blog for more things wedding.


~ Shaza ~

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