Beyoncé's Been a Bad, Bad, Bad Girl...and It Is Oh-So-Good

Beyoncé's Been a Bad, Bad, Bad Girl...and It Is Oh-So-Good

I will admit that I have been a rather casual fan of the internationally-adored pop culture icon, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter,  even though she has been dominating the music industry for at least a decade.  There is no denying that she is talented, loves her family, makes smart business moves, and is a beautiful person inside and out. My biggest issue was that she had a voice I felt she simply was not using to its fullest potential, both in sound and influence. I've always respected and admired her work ethic, however, as well as her commitment to her craft and living out her dreams. In the ways in which she has made an impact on the world, King Bey is truly the personification of "Girl Power".


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Every thought I once held about Beyoncé's music became distant memories when I discovered her brand new album of the same name Released on iTunes at midnight on December 13, 2013, in one of the most brilliantly stealth marketing ploys ever to be pulled off, Beyoncé is the best album she has ever produced and it is dripping with S. E. X. (and feminism, motherhood, hometown love, and more).  Beyoncé is musical exhibition and I am so delighted to take a peak into the Knowles-Carter bedroom-- literally, because there are umpteen videos included in the package! If you're looking for some new music (or visual aids) to help you turn things up with your lover, look no further-- Beyoncé's given us a guidebook on how to spark the fire and make sure it never loses its flames.


Here are three of the sexiest songs for guaranteed bedroom teasing -->

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