Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick Review Sparkling Sand. Benefit Watts Up Dupe!

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick Review Sparkling Sand. Benefit Watts Up Dupe!

I recently got a deluxe sample of Benefit's Watts Up highlighting stick, and I've been loving it!  I never knew quite what to do with liquid highlighters so the stick makes it pretty much foolproof- a little swipe across the tops of my cheekbones, maybe a little on the brow bones, and voila!  Instant subtle glow.  


But as my sample runs out, I was getting a bit concerned with my newfound love of highlighter, and feared that I might have to shell out $30 for the full size.  So what's a girl on a budget to do?  Find a suitable dupe, of course!  


This morning I headed out to Target with my little man, Henry.  He has his first tooth coming in and won't nap unless I either hold him, or if he's in his carseat.  I have a nifty Peg Perego stroller base that his carseat snaps into, so these days I've been going out to the mall, the drugstore, anywhere- just so I can get him to sleep peacefully and give my arms a little break- this kid weighs 23 lbs! 


Wandering the beauty aisles, I came across Sonia Kashuk's Chic Luminosity Highlighting Sticks.  They come in two shades, Sparkling Sand (champagne) and Persian Sunset (pink), and cost $10.99. 



I chose Sparkling Sand, because it seemed to be closest to Watts Up. It comes in a swivel-up stick for ease of use...just the way I like it!






Here it is swatched on my hand- it's such a pretty shade and the formula is creamy and long lasting! I didn't blend it out so you can see the color better.



Now, how does it compare to Watts Up?  Lets find out...


Again, my Watts Up is a sample size- the original is much bigger!  In the tube, the shades are similar with Benefit's being just a tiny bit darker. 



And here they are swatched side by side.  They look almost identical! The Benefit has a tiny hint of bronze to it, while Sonia Kashuk's is pure champagne. Both are creamy and easy to use.





This is definitely the dupe I was looking for! I'll pin this to my dupes board.  


And my little man woke up happy, so it was a good day all around. :)