Something for Me!

Something for Me!

Something that I haven't blogged about?  New knits for me.  That's because I haven't made any in almost two years.  I've worked on lots of presents for others, but haven't used my hobby to add to my wardrobe in awhile.  I decided to change that recently, so I worked on a few things for myself.  The first is a pair of fingerless mitts.

These are the Lana gloves.  I made them in Paton's Classic Wool in Deep Olive.  It was great to use some stash yarn (this was one of my first yarns - I got it in 2009).  I really like working with the yarn and the gloves have held up great so far.  I did them two-at-a-time in-the-round, using these helpful instructions.

I've been wearing them over a pair of SmarTouch gloves that I got for Christmas.  I like the look of the SmarTouch gloves alone, but the mitts have made them warmer for our cold winter and I'm glad I don't need to wait for fingerless weather to use my gift to me!

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