Social Media Trends We'd Love to See Disappear in 2014

Social Media Trends We'd Love to See Disappear in 2014

They were fun when they were new, but now these social media trends are like that last guest at the party who can't take the hint that it's time to leave. Here are the trends we'd love to see disappear in 2014.



Image: Screenshot from Tosh.O

We know that Daniel Tosh wouldn't have his show if not for the fact that people seem to love to film their stupid moments and put them online, but ENOUGH. We've seen a dozen smash-her-face-into-her-cake videos, jump-on-a-chair-and-break-it videos, and the person-freaks-out-because-Coke-machine-swallowed-his-coins videos. And by the way, we don't believe for a second that you just "happened to capture" that crazy moment with your phone.

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