Social Media and Blogging Predictions for 2014

Social Media and Blogging Predictions for 2014

While you're in line at the store, waiting to return those Christmas gifts (why did your mother-in-law think you wanted a magenta muumuu?), we've compiled our best predictions for social media and blogging for the upcoming year. By looking at current trends and past history, we were able to see the way things are heading. And you're going to want to read this because if we're right, you'll want to look at those apps you download veeeeeeeeeery carefully this upcoming year.



Image: Steven Depolo via Flickr

Move over selfie; the groupie is going to be trend for 2014. People no longer want to see what you did, but they want to see who you were with. Expect a lot of fun, side-by-side shots, but also a lot of faces squished into one frame. The more the merrier.


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